Preferred Contact Methods

Aspens & Oaks respects your need for Privacy

Preferred Contact Methods

(***those that best protect your personal information***)



Our trained staff understands the need for discretion when they take your call and help you to find the clinician best suited to you.

(709) 754-2068

Contact Info

#2. Service INQUIRY Form

This form is secure & confidential.

It goes directly to the intake staff.

#3. FAX

We have a secure online fax to inbox of Intake Co-ordinator :

(709) 754-3923

#4. E-MAIL

(Least Preferred Method)

If you insist on using this method then please

limit the info you share to:

first name, phone number and a preferred contact time.

*** Not typical but some have contacted us by: ***


We prefer that you call first.

Brochures are available at the A&O Building during our

Office Hours.