Addictive Disorders




The following books by Al-Anon:

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions.


From Survival To Recovery: growing up in an alcoholic home.


How AL-Anon Works: for families & friends of alcoholics.


In All Our Affairs: making crises work for you.


The Dilemma of the Alcoholic marriage.


One Day at a Time.



The following books by AA

Alcoholics Anonymous: the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism.


Came To Believe.


Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age.


As Bill Sees It.


Living Sober.


A Simple Program: a contemporary translation of the book.



Additional books


Anderson, Neil T. & Mike Quarles.
Overcoming Addictive Behavior.


Beattie, M.
Beyond Co-dependency.


Beattie, M.
Co-dependent No More.


Black, Claudia.
Changing Course: healing from loss, abandonment and fear.


Brown, Cupcake.
A Piece of Cake: a memoir.


Canning, Maureen.
Lust, Anger, Love: understanding sexual addiction.


Carnes, P.
Out of the Shadows: understanding sexual addiction.


Colvin, Rod.
Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction: a guide to coping and understanding.


Cope Moyers, William & Katherine Ketcham.
Broken: my story of addiction and redemption.


Goodwin, Donald W.
Alcoholism: the facts.


Gregson, David & Jay S. Efran.
The Tao Of Sobriety: helping you to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.


Hamill, P.
A Drinking Life.


Herrick, Charles and Charlotte Herrick.
100 Questions and Answers About Alcoholism.


Hunter, Charlotte.
Women Pioneers in 12 Step Recovery.


Ketcham, Katherine.
Beyond the Influence: understanding and defeating alcoholism.


Knapp, C.
Drinking : a love story.


Lee, John.
The Missing Piece: solving the anger problem for alcoholics, addicts and those who love them.


Lee, Steven J.
Overcoming Crystal Meth Addiction: an essential guide to getting clean.


Mate, Gabor.
In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts: close encounters with addiction.


May, G.
Addiction & Grace.


Narcotics Anonymous.
Sponsorship: “the heart of NA beats when two addicts share their recovery”.


Olsen, Patricia & Petros Levounis.
Sober Siblings: how to help your alcoholic brother or sister – and not lose yourself.


Pletcher, Caludine & Sally Bartolameolli.
Relationships From Addiction to Authenticity.


Shannonhouse, Rebecca & Pete Hamill.
Under The Influence: the literature of addiction.


Shaw, Brian F. et al.
Addiction and Recovery For Dummies: find out how to get a handle on the problem, get help, and get better.


Simon, David & Deepak Chopra.
Freedom From Addiction: the Chopra centre method for overcoming destructive habits.


Storm, Jennifer.
Blackout Girl: growing Up and drying out in America.


Stromberg, Gary & Jane Merrill.
The Harder They Fall: celebrities tell their real-life stories of addiction and recovery. Voices Of Alcoholism – the healing companion: stories for courage, comfort and strength.


Volpicelli, Joseph.
Recovery Options, The Complete Guide: how you and your loved ones can understand and treat alcohol and other drugs..


Woititz, J.G.
Adult Children of Alcoholics.