Also see Book List for ‘Young Children & Divorce’ below



Abbas, Jen.
Generation Ex: adult children of divorce and the healing of our pain.


Anderson, Keith & Roy MacSkimming.
On Your Own Again: the down-to-earth guide to getting through a divorce or separation and getting on with your life.


Armstrong, Kristin.
Happily Ever After – A Daily Devotional: walking with peace and courage through a year of divorce.


Berry, Dawn Bradley.
The Divorce Sourcebook: protect yourself with must-know information on litigation, mediation, and other options.


Burns, Bod.
The Adult Child Of Divorce.


Cocharne, G. Michael.
Surviving Your Divorce: a guide to Canadian Family Law.


Culling, Denise.
Breaking Up Blues: a guide to survival and growth.


Davis, Michele.
The Divorce Remedy: the proven 7-step program for saving your marriage.


Deits, Bod.
Life After Loss: a personal guide dealing with death, divorce, job change and relocation.


Fisher, Bruce.
Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends.


James, W. John & Russell Friedman.
The Grief Recovery Handbook: the action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses.


Kramer, Peter.
Should You Leave?


Krantzler, Mel.
Creative Divorce: a new opportunity for personal growth.


Looker, Terry & Olga Gregson.
Teach Yourself: managing stress.


Moskovitch, Deborah.
The Smart Divorce: proven strategies and valuable advice from 100 top divorce lawyers, financial advisers,

counsellors and other experts.


Paisley, Michelle.
Yoga For A Broken Heart: a spiritual guide to healing from break-up, loss, death or divorce.


Pobson, Bonnie.
My Parents Are Divorced Too.


Sember, Brett McWhorter.
No-Fight Divorce: spend less money, save time and avoid conflict using mediation.


Snyder, Douglas K. & Kristina Coop Gordon.
Getting Past The Affair: a program to help you cope, heal, and move on – together or apart.


Subotnick, Rona B. & Gloria G. Harris.
Surviving Infidelity: making decisions, recovering from the pain.


Trafford, Abigail.
Crazy Time: surviving divorce and building a new life.


Ventura, John & Mary Reed.
Divorce For Dummies: Survive the stress and start a new chapter in your life.


Weiner-Davis, Michele.
Divorce Busting: a revolutionary and rapid program for staying together.


Wolfelt, Alan D.
Transcending Divorce: ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart.



For YOUNG CHILDREN in Divorced Families

Brown, Laurene K. & Marc Brown.
Dinosaurs Divorce: a guide for changing families.


Stern, Zoe and Evan Stern.
Divorce is not the end of the world: Zoe’s and Evan’s coping guide for kids.


Swan-Jackson, Alys.
When Your Parents Split Up: How to keep yourself together.