For Dummies series



Agin, Brent and Sharon Perkins.
Aging for Dummies: stay fit and vigorous and feel great no matter what your age!


Bennett, Shoshana S.
Postpartum Depression for Dummies: reassuring, positive guidance to help you understand and recover from PDD.


Blumer, Ian and Heather McDonald-Blumber.
Understanding Prescription Drugs for Canadians for Dummies.


Brizer, David.
Quitting Smoking for Dummies: get the know-how you need to kick the habit.


Busch, David.
Digital Photography for Dummies: quick reference.


Dean, Carolyn.
IBS for Dummies.


Elliot, Charles & Laura Smith.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder For Dummies.


Elliot, Charles H. and Laura L. Smith.
Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies: practical, proven strategies to get fear, worry and panic attacks under control.


Elliot, Charles H. & Laura L. Smith.
Anxiety And Depression Workbook For Dummies.


Fink, Candida & Joseph Kraynak.
Bipolar Disorder For Dummies.


Gentry, W. Doyle.
Anger Management for Dummies: practical tips and strategies for getting anger under control.


Goulston, Mark.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies: find the tools you need to make a full recovery and get your life back.


Harvey, Greg.
Grieving for Dummies: empowering advice on coping with the loss of a loved one.


Hirshkowitz, Max and Patricia B. Smith.
Sleep Disorders for Dummies: get the scoop on sleep problems and get the rest you need.


Janis, Sharon.
Spirituality for Dummies: Your personal guide to reflection, serenity, and spiritual empowerment.


Jones, Marcia L., Teresa Eichenwald and Nancy W. Hall.
Menopause for Dummies: the latest on hormone replacement therapy.


Khnke, Elizabeth.
Body Language for Dummies: a fascinating guide to communicating with out words.


May, Elizabeth E. & Zoe Caron.
Global Warming For Dummies.


Rinzler, Carol Anne and Doug Cook.
Nutrition for Canadians for Dummies: Canada’s ultimate nutrition resource.


Schulherr, Susan.
Eating Disorders for Dummies.


Shaw, Brian F., Pau Ritvo and Jane Irvine.
Addiction and Recovery for Dummies: find out how to get a handle on the problem, get help, and get better.


Smith, Laura L. And Charles H. Elliot.
Seasonal Affective Disorder for Dummies: practical, effective strategies to feel better during the dark days of winter.


Smith, Patricia B., Mary Mitchell Kenan and Mark Edwin Kinik.
Alzheimer’s for Dummies: reassuring ways to take care of your loved one – and yourself.


Staud, Roland and Christine Adamec.
Fibromyaglia for Dummies: your easy guide to the latest research, treatments, and medications.


Tagliati, Michele, Gary N. Guten and Jo Horne.
Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies.


Taylor-Hough, Deborah.
Frugal Living for Dummies: practical ideas to help you spend less, save more, and enjoy life.


Tyson, Eric and Tony Martin.
Investing for Canadians for Dummies: learn how to build and maintain a strong investment portfolio.


Ventura, John and Mary Reed.
Divorce for Dummies: survive the stress and start a new chapter in your life.


Young, Jaqueline.
Complementary Medicine for Dummies: your jargon-free, comprehensive guide to complementary techniques.