Clinical Sexology Services

Assessment and evidence based treatment of a variety of sexual concerns including:

- Sexual Disorders

Concerns with desire, arousal, orgasm or sexual pain (psychologically and/or physically based)

- Couple concerns involving sexually or non-sexually based issues.

- Children and Adolescents; Social-sexual problems related to social media, pornography, poor boundaries, or high vulnerability. Assessment of sexual risks for placement, treatment or court ordered, etc.,

- Developmental Disabilities:

Interventions can be identified for those individuals cognitive, emotional and/or functional challenge, (e.g. Autism Spectrum and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders) who are presenting poor social-sexual boundaries. Ms. Sandoval typically works with families, school and other social agencies when treating children and those with developmental disabilities.

- Transgender Support: Assist in diagnosis, identifying resources, education of guidelines for gender transition and advocate for services. Offer education, direction and support to families of transgendered persons.

- Sexual compulsivity/addiction

- Pornography addiction

- Paraphilias (unusual or pathological sexuality)


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