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Offering Services in our Community


Aspens & Oaks offers many services but our primary business is still Counselling for Individuals, Families, and Couples. We are keenly aware of the need for Counselling Solutions in our community, and since we started in 1993 we have tried to meet that need. After our 20th anniversary one thing was clear… the need for our services is even greater than ever… and our Mission for the future of A&O became very clear: Serve More… Serve Better… Serve Quicker! To achieve this goal we have made a targeted effort toward adding more talent to our TEAM and we have tried to add on more services to meet a greater variety of needs.

To learn more about our primary services go to Counselling Services section of this website. As well, you can reach our intake specialist by using our Service Inquiry Form or even better call 709 754 2068

To learn more about the other services now under the A&O umbrella please check out the tabs we have placed under the SERVICES section of our website