Impaired Driver Assessments

Impaired Driver Assessments

The completion of an Impaired Driver Assessment is a requirement for Driver License reinstatement in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador for all persons convicted of impaired driving.

This Assessment is a private, fee for service that is delivered at A&O by an approved facilitator and meets the provincial requirements for driver license reinstatement.

More information on this service will be added to this page. In the meantime call 709 754 2068 to check on availability and get more details.


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Quote from Gov NL Act:



7. Section 27 of the regulations is repealed and the following substituted:

Evidence of program completion

27. (1) The registrar may reinstate the driver’s licence of a person, including a novice driver, whose licence has been suspended under section 60.4 of the Act, suspended due to a 24 hour or 90 day roadside suspension or due to a conviction under the Criminal Code (Canada) upon expiry of the suspension.

(2)  The registrar shall require a person whose licence is reinstated under subsection (1) to provide proof of successful completion of one or more of the following programs as set out in Schedule A, within a time set by the registrar:

(a)  an alcohol education program; and

(b)  an alcohol dependency assessment, followed by an alcohol rehabilitation program where the program is recommended in the assessment.

(3)  Where a person does not provide the proof required by the registrar under subsection (2) within the time set by the registrar, the registrar shall suspend the driver’s licence of that person until proof is provided.

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