Adoption Home Study Information


Aspens & Oaks is the first private agency in this province licensed to complete Adoption Home Study Reports and Post Placement Reports.

Home Study:
You have completed the PRIDE program offered by Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS). The next step is your Home Study, which is a thorough assessment of your capacity to provide a child with a stable, loving home.

Mr. Brian Kenny, M.S.W., R.S.W. has been approved by CYFS to complete Adoption Home Studies for Aspens & Oaks under its Adoption Agency license. Brian has been a social worker for over 25 years and has been with Aspens & Oaks for over 10 years.

Our Role:

Aspens & Oaks is committed to providing you with a completed report in a timely fashion. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate the assessment process and report presentation will take approximately 4 months. This presupposes that you attend scheduled appointments and provide all required documents in a timely manner.

Once the report is completed, you will have the opportunity to clarify any points within the report and, if deemed appropriate, revisions will be made accordingly.


The completed Home Study is submitted to CYFS for their review. Occasionally, CYFS may request follow-up information or clarification and it may be necessary to have further appointments to facilitate this request.

Once the Home Study has been provided to CYFS and they have deemed the report sufficient for their needs, the role of Aspens & Oaks is completed. CYFS does the final approval of your adoption application – you may wish to contact CYFS to learn more about the review and approval process.


A contract must be signed prior to the beginning of your Home Study. The total cost of a Home Study is $4900.00. Please see attached contract for the payment options available. Payment in full is required prior to submitting the report to CYFS.

Update and Post Placement Reports:

Should it take longer than 1 year for you to learn that your child has been selected, CYFS may require an Update to your Home Study to assess current circumstances.

Once your child is placed with you, the adoption regulations of the country of origin of your child may require the completion of Post-Placement Reports. These will require further Home Visits and report submission.

Aspens & Oaks also provides these services. The cost of these reports is available upon request.




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