Project Consultants



You don’t know what you can do until you try… 

Without our TEAM and their willingness to serve this expansion could not happen…

Aspens & Oaks is very proud of the work done since 1993 and we are also proud of the reputation forged while doing it. We are very proud of our TEAM which afforded us the priviledge of service on this scale.

BUT… we have only scratched the surface. The challenges that youth and families face today have certainly grown in number… much has changed and some things actually haven’t changed very much. Our primary motivation in this work: Making a Difference


Important note:

Much of the work we have done got turned over to the client who hired us. Our reports and their findings are the property of the client and often this information is not made public. We may use our findings for internal training opportunities.

  • Hosting Focus Groups with Stakeholders
  • Developing and Engaging Community Linkages
  • Developing Funding Proposals for Community Groups
  • Conducting Research leading to Site Locations
  • Preparing and collaborating on RFPs.
  • Conducting Research and formulating a Customized Treatment Model
  • Appearing in Expert Capacity at Public Meetings where NIMBY (not in my back yard) existed.
  • Preparing a Discussion Paper for a Round Table Discussion with International participation.
  • Conducting a Canadian and International Scan of Methadone Maintenance Treatments with a comparison to NL statistics.
  • Developing in person Power Point proposals to government departments.
  • Advocating for best practices and lobbying those in positions of influence toward that point of view.
  • Interviewing Front-Line workers and compiling results into a formal report.


We are open to discussing ideas and formulating strategies with merit for the Community.

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