Value Added Relationships

We respect that our Clients and Clinicians have options other than Aspens & Oaks.


Aspens & Oaks

The ‘Value-Added’ Option

The Place to Build your Business… here’s why!

(The List below not in any particular order of Importance)

A&O is a proven entity.

Our brand is something we are very proud of. A&O has served the community since 1993. We think that your skill and work ethic joined with our reputation is a ‘win-win’!

A&O provides Business Supports:

You are in Business for Yourself BUT not by Yourself. Our business system takes care of most everything except you ‘delivering your counselling expertise’. Our Model is time tested and meets the ever more complex regulatory environment, as well as providing marketing and billing services.

The Aspens & Oaks Building.

Acquired in 2006 our Building is a facility designed to meet clients and collaborate with A&O colleagues. We are proud of our building and how well it has served our needs thus far!

Visitors have associated a visit to A&O as a place that make one feel “really good”.

A&O is flexible.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt & get better at every aspect of the business. Our flexibility allows us to customize our business relationships.

A&O is efficient.

After 20+ years A&O is not resting on our laurels. We see ourselves as a ‘work in progress’. We have embraced technology and are currently dedicating resources to make our business more effective and more efficient.

A&O has a vision for the Future:

Our Goal for the Future: Serve More… Serve Better… Serve Quicker…

You are part of the A&O Team.

Membership does have its advantages…

The opportunity to avail of the opinion of the colleague working next door is an added convenience, not to mention opportunities to collaborate, learn from each other, and gain greater expertise.

Many who join A&O report this as being a very “important factor” in their decision.

As well A&O is committed to providing ‘in house’ training opportunities with ‘continuing education credits’ to satisfy professional requirements, e.g., our annual personal information protection audit policy offers guidance and support for regulatory compliance which protects your reputation as well as the reputation of our Team and A&O.