Compensation Strategies

(**If you are considering joining Aspens & Oaks on a full-time basis be sure and ask about our draw against future earnings while you build your private practice with us.**)




(full or part time)

This A&O relationship is one where you can dedicate most of your efforts to being a counselor.

Aspens & Oaks resources: office space, client service opportunities, telephones, intake, clerical, photocopies and filing, as well as receivables are made available to you.

In exchange for these services the compensation is shared with A&O for an agreed percentage.

A final note: ‘IN HOUSE’ clinicians get first priority on clients who seek help at A&O according to their expertise and skill sets.




(independence with benefits)

The primary feature of this A&O relationship is that you rent your own exclusive office space at the A&O building.

There are many value added advantages to renting ‘in house’ as opposed to operating outside.

The biggest advantage is that you are still a member of the team. This entitles you to having your business promoted (if you wish) under the A&O marketing strategies including the A&O website.

As well, you will still be around other A&O colleagues for consultation and training opportunities.

Besides that, you can save money on the cost of a business phone line and internet feed while having reception services during daytime business hours with calls answered and messages forwarded.

Other services like the use of debit or use the meeting facilities can be arranged for a fee.

While in house clinicians have priority in servicing A&O clients, the next priority goes to those who rent an office at A&O. This arrangement is achieved through a service collaboration agreement with A&O.



(Independent clinicians/A&O collaboration)

Their office is NOT in the A&O Building


There are many fine clinicians who do great work in NL and our local area.

Since 1993 our collaborative efforts have helped our clients find the help they need and helped these fine clinicians build their independent businesses.

This also allowed A&O an alternative to saying “NO we cannot help you” when a person finally does get up the nerve to seek the help they need.

This A&O collaboration is achieved through a formalized service collaboration agreement.

The service collaboration agreement is negotiated with these clinicians on an individual basis. That being said, “in house” teammates will have the advantage of being considered first regarding the opportunity to serve A&O clients. 

Independent Clinicians are only used when a satisfactory solution could not be achieved ‘in house’.

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