Service Philosophy

Our Service Philosophy can be summed up by:

“The Client Comes First”.




Client First… We believe that decisions about how to deliver quality client service must begin with an affirmative answer to this question: “is this what is best for the client?”


Client Involvement… We believe that our clients are important partners in any decisions regarding the services that they receive from our organization.


Informed consent… We believe in providing our clients with clear understandable information regarding any service recommended or provided by our staff.


Individualization… We believe that our service should be tailored to the special needs, age, and developmental stage of the client(s) seeking care.


Normalized, Least Intrusive… We are committed to providing care that fits the individual’s cultural and social background. We strive to involve and empower clients and their normal support systems (e.g. family & community) whenever this is possible.


Comprehensive Care… We acknowledge that health beliefs and behaviours are complex and often require multiple interventions; a specialized team working with the client, the family, and with each other is often the best approach. We are committed to team participation and to encouraging their formation whenever such a need is established.


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