Founder’s Message

A Life of Service


Delores Joy, the founder of Aspens & Oaks, is a Christian woman, a single parent, and a medical doctor who has specialized in developmental/behavioral disabilities at a community level.

In creating this service, Delores Joy has established a setting where her work may be conducted in an atmosphere of openness to her world view:

We have physical bodies that house rational and intuitive minds as well as eternal spirits. When all three are nurtured, we are healthy. When any one aspect is dis-eased, all three suffer.

As individuals, we have personal belief systems, religious and otherwise, that deserve respect. Growth and experiences bring us to times of deepening and/or re-examining our beliefs.

Our intrinsic worth as human persons gives us the right to work toward our full potential in all areas (spiritual, emotional, psychological, educational, etc). This potential may be compromised by disabilities and trauma. We each carry burdens from our personal limitations and from life events.

In the Judeo – Christian tradition we read Biblical stories of God’s help directly and through others in the community. We help one another find the stories of our lives.

God works as we are ready. God suggests we ask and seek, assuring us that we will find. God can be trusted.

May you find God concrete in your life.

 Dr. Doherty has now Retired from Active Service