Dr. Delores Sparagna Doherty

M.D., F.R.C.P. (C)
Consultant, Development & Behavior
Senior Partner/Director of Operations

Dr. Delores S. Doherty is the owner/operator of Aspens & Oaks, a community consultation and counselling service that has served Eastern Newfoundland for over 22 years. The A&O team of mental health clinicians has a reputation for excellence, with clients returning if further work is needed and many clients arriving by word of mouth from former clients.

Dr. Doherty began her work in the province in 1972 at the Janeway Child Health Centre (now the Janeway Child Health & Rehabilitation Centre), then worked with Public Health (now Community Health). While with Public Health, Dr. Doherty was involved with a number of innovative projects, including being a cofounder of Adolescent Health Counselling Service, one of the first adolescent services in Canada. In 1987, she went to the Janeway as Director of the new Child Development Programme, a programme that she presented to the executive director on her first day of work, having already spoken to all the players involved. This program has survived two hospital reorganizations. For ten years, Dr. Doherty was a member of the Janeway Child Protection Team. Together with other team members, she helped the hospital understand the need for a more effective and efficient team.   That team has continued to this day as an interdisciplinary inter-agency team.

After 12 years in public heath, Dr. Doherty had discovered that her heart is in the community. Thus when she moved back to the hospital system, she helped 7 communities across the island and Labrador develop local teams that facilitated bringing, traveling clinics to provide assessment of children and teens with developmental disabilities. For many years, she personally delivered service for 9 weeks yearly in 5 of the communities. Dr Doherty retired from doing Janeway clinics in 2006 and is now available for complex consultations on requests. When A&O opened in 1993, referrals on adults with undiagnosed and/or unmanaged developmental disabilities were sent to her and she has been active in advocating for more services for this population

Dr. Doherty served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) and was a founding member of its Adolescent Section; she is now an emeritus member of the CPS. She is an associate member of the Canadian Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (CACAP) and served as the liaison with CPS for a number of years and as a member of the Advocacy Committee. More recently she joined the Canadian Psychiatry Association in order to join its Developmental Section, thus giving her access to colleagues across the country working with adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges.


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