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At A&O we are sensitive to the financial challenges that confront families today. The rising costs of goods and services is something that everybody can relate to and certainly it has a big effect on A&O and the cost of service delivery. This inflationary pressure has created a rising trend in the fees we have to charge our clients, just to keep our doors open.

We are a fee for service business but we have been involved in strategies which advocate for and allow more people to access help.

Our Goal for the Future:

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Most of the large NL employers offer a cost shared benefits package with EAP (employee assistance program) personnel to help employees and their families access counselling services. For those families who are fortunate enough to have such benefits we encourage you to take advantage of them.

            “there is no health without mental health”

         (World Health Organization, Fact Sheet #220, September 2010)

However, there are many employers , those with many employees which do not offer such benefits. Statistics show that employees will face challenges at one time or another where they will need services which are currently not covered by MCP, such as counselling.

The cost to employers from people not showing up for work due to mental health reasons is astounding, billions just in Canada. (“The Mental Health Commission of Canada“)

We encourage prudent employers to look into employee benefit packages. Attracting and keeping employees is enhanced by offering benefit packages. Hiring and retraining is expensive.



Aspens & Oaks has also engaged community groups including religious organizations regarding providing support to those they serve. While nothing has been formalized yet, certainly most of these organizations are favorable to helping people get the help they need, at least on a cost shared basis.

In the coming months A&O will place a high priority on securing formal arrangements with these and other organizations and will post more information on this as it becomes available.



Services not covered by MCP are payable at the time of the session, unless other billing arrangements have been confirmed.

Some individuals may have an insurance plan, employee assistance program etc. which will cover all or a portion of the fee.

For further information on fees, please speak with clerical staff at 709 754 2068… other Contact Info.



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