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Sometimes, the BIGGEST problems are solved with the smallest steps…




Aspens & Oaks provides treatment and support to individuals and families in the metropolitan St. John’s area on the Eastern Avalon Peninsula.

Where feasible other areas of the province are serviced through a combination of direct contact and telephone consultation with the client’s family and local caregivers.

Referrals for services (without a specific medical component) can be made directly by the client, the client’s family, (employee assistance coordinators (EAPs), social workers or other professionals involved with client /family, with appropriate consent.

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“Sometimes, the BIGGEST problems are solved with the smallest steps…”




Most people wait until their situation becomes intolerable before they reach out for help. At A&O we wish it weren’t that way BUT we understand why this happens.

PRIDE (the stubborn kind)

Most people are proud and don’t like to admit that they have become stuck and their life is not going the way they wished. Identifying the need for help and reaching out for it shows strength, not weakness.

In truth, at A&O, we don’t solve people’s problems, they do. We want to be part of the solution. Our role is to help people find the clarity and strength to take the actions needed to improve their quality of life.

CONFUSION (the opposite of clarity)

We are in the information age and most people know that help exists BUT the process of accessing this help is often confusing.

Bureaucracy is a fact of life and the scale of the work that is attempted by some organizations makes it unavoidable.

Our goal is: once you have made the all important decision to take the first step of reaching out to us, that it be as uncomplicated as possible.

To make things uncomplicated, we try to give you all the information you need so that you know who you are reaching out to and what help you can expect to recieve. Hopefully this website helps with that.

As well, we have an online Secure Service Inquiry Form which only asks for the information needed to serve you efficiently.

For information on other ways to reach us: Contact Us



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